By Kirill Maksymiak August 10, 2023

Trailer Towing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Making a Towing

Hey there, future towing expert! So, you’ve got yourself a trailer and a whole bunch of exciting plans. But before you turn into a trailer-towing superhero, let’s chat about the quirks and hacks of safe trailer towing. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey of mishaps-turned-masterclass.
Picking the Right Trailer – Not a Rocket Science
Alright, let’s start with the basics. Remember that time you tried squeezing a jumbo pizza box into your mini fridge? Yeah, towing is kind of like that, but with a vehicle and a trailer. The golden rule: don’t pick a trailer that makes your ride feel like it’s wearing a backpack bigger than itself. Check your vehicle’s towing capacity (the superhero strength) and match it with your trailer’s weight.
Weight Distribution: Keep It Balanced, Baby
Picture this: you’re holding a plate of cookies. You’d distribute them evenly, right? The same goes for your trailer’s load. Keep it balanced, not like a tower of pancakes threatening to topple over. Around 60% of the weight should sit in front of the trailer’s axles – this keeps your ride from doing the cha-cha on the road.
Hitching Up – Lock and Load
Let’s avoid trailer breakups, shall we? Secure your trailer hitch like it’s the last piece of chocolate in the box. Use safety chains as your backup plan – think of them as the wingman of trailer coupling. Lift the tongue to check if it’s hitched securely, and voila, you’re ready to roll!
Inflated Tires: Not Just a Balloon Party Trick
Who needs deflated tires? Definitely not your trailer. Give those rubbery buddies a proper pump before the big adventure. And don’t forget to check your car’s tires too – no one wants to see a mismatched tire duo on the road. It’s like wearing sneakers on one foot and flip-flops on the other.
Mirror, Mirror on the Car
Mirror, mirror on the car, make sure I’m not a trailer-towing star! Adjust your side mirrors to see both sides of your trailer. It’s like having eyes on the back of your head, minus the creepy factor.
Braking and Acceleration: Easy Does It
Brake happy, brake sad – that’s the trailer tale. Slow down sooner than usual and let your trailer know you’re not in a rush. And when it’s time to speed up, channel your inner turtle. Gradual acceleration is the name of the game.
Funky Maneuvers: Make ‘Em Wide
Thinking of pulling off a U-turn with a trailer? Think again. Trailers prefer wide, spacious turns. We’re talking more Beyoncé-style, less ballerina-twirl.
Downhill Drama: Cruise Control? More Like No Control!
Remember that hill in your neighborhood that you loved zooming down as a kid? Well, with a trailer, it’s not a roller coaster ride. Downhill descents can turn into towing turmoil. Use a lower gear to keep things in check, and remember – slow and steady wins the race.
Trailer Brakes: Let Them Shine
If your trailer has brakes, it’s party time for them too. Sync them up with your car’s brakes, and let the duo work its magic. Say goodbye to those screechy “I’m-working-way-too-hard” sounds.
The Pit Stop Show: Checking the Basics
Time for a pit stop – your trailer’s version of a red carpet event. Give your trailer’s tires, hitch, lights, and cargo a quick once-over. It’s like a trailer spa day, and your trailer deserves to be pampered.
So, before you hitch up and hit the open road, just remember to keep it cool, keep it steady, and keep it fun. Towing might seem like a lot, but with a pinch of knowledge and a sprinkle of common sense, you’re on your way to towing greatness. And as always, if you need to rent a trailer in Calgary, check out Hetman Rental.
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